La Donna Photography: Blog en-us (C) La Donna Photography [email protected] (La Donna Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:53:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:53:00 GMT La Donna Photography: Blog 80 120 The Future of La Donna Photography             La Donna Photography was named after my grandma. Every family event had photos taken because of my grandma. There was not a family event that my grandma attended that did not have at least one photo from. Unfortunately since she was the one behind the camera all of the time there are few photos of her through the years, but the few photos that I do have I treasure. I felt that it was only right to name the business after her and keep her memory alive. Each time I take my camera out to a session or wedding I feel like I am my grandma and documenting your memories as they happen as she did throughout her life. 

My grandparents with my siblings. I believe I was about four in this image.

This is my grandparents and siblings. I believe I was four at the time. Miss them more each day!  

          La Donna Photography has become a big part of my life over the past four years. I cannot imagine life without photography and getting to work with the amazing people I have met over the past four years. I cannot wait to see where La Donna will go in the future and what will come of it and speaking of the future it is time to make some changes that will be for the better. I have done a lot of thinking over the past year and what I want to change. This is what I believe is for the best for me and YOU! I have had so many clients in the past who have not even gotten their discs that they paid for and that saddens me because I want them to have their images to print to hang in their homes. I have also the fear that people are going to Walmart and printing their images, which saddens me because I know that it is not the great quality that I want you to have. The prints at Walmart also do not show the quality of my work and make it look completely different. So without further a do, here is the change coming to La Donna Photography!

            Sessions are going to be $200, but you get a $100 print credit! You will get to choose the images you want to print and what sizes you would like. This makes sure that you get those prints in your home and there is no chance of them being lost over the years. If there is one thing I have learned from my grandma it is that printing pictures instead of just having them on a computer are memories that will never be lost. This past Christmas I made my mom a cook book that included pictures of my grandmas, aunts, mom and my siblings. I would not have had the images for the book if it were not for my grandma making photo albums. I want you to be able to have those images for your kids and grandkids to look back at when they are your age. So giving you the print credit allows you to get those prints made and have them for generations to come.

            Weddings are going to be priced on a credit system. There will be a minimum number of credits that you will have to buy to start your wedding package. You will build your wedding package the way that you want to. There will be choices for you to choose from including shooting time, an engagement session, albums, digitals and prints. You will choose what you want and can purchase more credits if you choose to do so to save money in the end!

            Ordering will be so much simpler now with the new website that I have put together. The website, image hosting site, and blog are now all in one place instead of on three different sites. You can log into your album and choose the photos you want to print. Then choose the size and add it to your cart. You can now purchase all of your prints online and not have to worry about sending me a check or getting me cash. Plus the prints are shipped right to your door! No longer will you have to come to the house and pick up your prints. Digitals will still be available for download, but are higher in price than they have been in the past. I am really wanting to move into the purchasing of prints over digitals to get those prints in your home!

            In my heart I feel as if this is the right direction I want to take my business and fulfill what photography is for, hanging memories throughout your home for generations to see. I have learned over the past year the importance of taking more photos and making sure they end up printed and not just staying in digital form. This world has lost way too many good people over the past year and I know those family members wish they would have taken just one more photo with that person. So print those remaining photos that you have on your computer or phone and hang them somewhere in your house. Your family members generations from now will be thankful that you did. I know that I am super happy that my grandma took the time to document our family as my mom grew up and as I grew up with my siblings and cousins. 

Big thanks to Jennifer Duskey Photography for taking our family photos! This was the first family photo we had ever professionally had done. I was 23 at the time!

Big thanks to Jennifer Duskey Photography for taking our family photos! This was the first family photo we had ever professionally had done. I was 23 at the time!

Peace and blessings to you all! Thank you for going on this journey with me!



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